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2020 was a year of creative destruction like few others, and reminded us that we are still subject to the laws of nature.

How well did you fare?

I moved to Switzerland, passed an executive MBA, resumed consulting with Elkyn, pursued the Agrikaïdo project, and joined the board of Fablab en Kit.

As we head together into the next year, I wish for you to grow and thrive with hope and resolve, despite (and thanks to) the challenges coming up.

If you can, consider taking some time to restore the Earth, fight for science, defend democracy, and foster diversity!

💫 Happy new year

How are you building your professional network? Classmates, colleagues, event conference attendees, social network buddies — they are the people entering your network, your contacts list, your Rolodex.

A vintage contacts management system
A vintage contacts management system
How biased is your contacts list?

When you are looking for someone to join you or your company in an adventure, this is the first place you are looking for: trusted people you already met or worked with successfully.

And this is what everyone does.

Chances are, regardless of your gender or color, if you are working in software and electronics companies in Europe or America, your Rolodex is mostly filled with white men.

When left unchecked, this…

Yoann Lemain

Product & Innovation Manager

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